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Brewery Spotlight: Honor Brewery

Written by Corporate Beverage Director Jody Hessler

In honor of NATIONAL IPA DAY, I think it's quite fitting that we highlight a brewery that has our National Pride at the core of its foundation. The motto for Honor Brewing Co. is "Brew Great Beer. Honor American Heroes." The founders of Honor Brewing are patriots and veterans, and yes, they are brewers. They use their beliefs and backgrounds to pay endless respect and remembrance to the simple enjoyment of fine beer.

There is a great lineup of beers coming from Honor Brewing Co. including Lager, Ale, Wheat, Golden Ale, IPA, Maple Porter, and Double IPA. The main logo that adorns many of the packages is a simple, yet reflective photo of well worn combat boots. Following the line of logic, Honor Brewing also has two incredible projects of respect to our fallen Heroes. First is the

Face of Honor Project in which they adorn the cans of their flagship beer with the printed photos of fallen heroes who paid the ultimate price to protect our country and freedoms. The second project is simply called, Tribute. With this project anyone can go on their website and reach out while remembering a fallen loved one. They will work with each honoree so that they will be featured on the website and have a distinctive tap handle created to be used in restaurants and bars. They ultimately commemorate the life and sacrifice of your hero.

With all this talk of remembrance, I must not forget to discuss my favorite beer from Honor Brewing Company called "Desired Effects - Double IPA". This distinctive IPA puts me at ease every time I drink it. With its golden hazy hue, and the lush tropical aromas, you know immediately that you have made the correct choice of beverage. It is generously hopped with Mosaic and Centennial hops that deliver a floral and citrus introduction, but as you continue, you find more fresh herbal and citrus notes. With the ABV at only 7.5% and an IBU rating of 70, this double IPA is easy to drink and simply refreshing during these hot summer days.

The name is simple, but definitely not understated. Choosing this IPA at our Copperwood Tavern locations, will deliver all the "Desired Effects" you're looking for.


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